Ventus Console 2.4.4

Successfully delivered to Production: 25.03.2021

Ventus Console 2.4.4 was successfully delivered to Production.
Here are the list of updates:

  • MariaDB was added as DBaaS – all DBaaS UI was changed to support multiple DB engines
  • VM Console logs were added to VM details – might be useful for customers to troubleshoot Linux VMs
  • “Download RDP” action was removed for non-Windows VMs – a leftover bug, now fixed
  • Image information was added to VM details
  • Max length of organization name was changed to 255 chars
  • Max length of cli user name was changed to 218 chars
  • Max length of project name was changed to 27 chars
  • Action to create Volume from Snapshot was added to the Storage -> Snapshots page . We are also working on creation of VMs from Volumes/Snapshots. Should be added in the next release.
  • Object Storage (S3 compatible) was added to the Storage page - Object Storage is now available for our customers.
  • IP ACLs were added to the Create/Edit database – with this users can restrict from which networks connections to the database is allowed