How to create Windows Server VM using Ventus Cloud

Table of contents

  1. Create new instance
  2. Start / Shutdown / Reboot instance
  3. Search for an instance
  4. Login into console
  5. RDP connection to Windows server

Create new instance

For creating new instance do the following:

On the main Navigation Panel go to Cloud, choose Instances and click the plus (+) button from at the bottom-right of the screen.

On the following page fill in these fields:

  • Instance Name: Set instance name. For example win-test

  • Select a Boot source: Select appropriate image. For example “windows_server_2019_datacenter”

  • Select storage type: Select storage type “RBD” and provide preferred disc size

  • Select a configuration: Select appropriate flavor. NOTE: Minimal flavor size VC-2 for Windows VMs

  • Network selection: Select network it can be public or private

Hit Create Instance and the new instance will be created.

Start / Shutdown / Reboot instance

There are two ways in interface for Start / Shutdown / Restart your instance:

First one is directly from instance page. In each instance box, there is one icon for Start/Shutdown and one icon for Restart. See next image for reference:

Search for an instance

To search for an instance, type your instance name in the search box from the top of the instance page.

Login into console

You can launch the web-console window directly from instance page or from instance details. Click on the icon <> for launching the web-console.

RDP connection to Windows server

To begin, search for “Remote Desktop Connection“ in the Start Menu or open RUN and type “mstsc” and press “Enter key”.

In RDP window, input your VM IP

Type the username, enter password you created for the virtual machine, and then click OK.

Click Connect