Kubernetes Cluster

A Kubernetes Cluster is a group of logical objects, each of which is called a Node. A Kubernetes cluster can contain zero or more nodes.

In this page, you can find an explanation of how to create new Kubernetes Cluster and other Kubernetes Cluster management actions.

Table of contents

  1. Create new Kubernetes Cluster
  2. View Kubernetes Cluster details
  3. Delete a Kubernetes Cluster

Create new Kubernetes Cluster

For creating new Kubernetes Cluster do following:

1) On the main Navigation Panel go to Cloud, choose Kubernetes and click the floating button + present in the lower right corner

2) On the following page enter the Cluster name, and select Cluster template

3) Then fill the next fields:

  • Master count
  • Node count
  • Node flavor
  • Docker volume size (GB)
  • Master node flavor
  • Keypair

4) Hit Create Cluster and the new Kubernetes Cluster will be added. Estimate creation time about 5 minutes.

View Kubernetes Cluster details

To find more details about your Kubernetes Cluster just click on cluster box from Kubernetes page. A new page will open and here you’ll find all details about your Kubernetes Cluster:

  • Cluster name
  • Cluster status
  • INFO:
    • ID
    • Created at
    • Updated at
    • Cluster template
    • Status reason
  • NODES:
    • Master count
    • Node count
    • API Address
    • Master Addresses
    • Node Addresses
    • Discovery URL
    • Cluster create timeout
    • Keypair
    • Master flavor
    • Node flavor
    • Health status
  • LABELS And few icons of quick actions:
    • Resize
    • Get certificate
    • Delete

Delete a Kubernetes Cluster

To delete a Kubernetes Cluster, just click on the delete button in the card or list view and on the following page confirm your action as shown below: